WANTED: Editor to join long writing journey and make it less winding

What I’m looking for in an editor

Hard skills I’m looking for

  1. Editing of (e)books.
  2. Experience bringing books to publication with writers.
  3. Editing of articles (~2 per month at first).
  4. Experience with collaborative workflows across research, note-taking, and writing apps.
  5. Nice-to-have: Copywriting (e.g., headlines, marketing texts).

Soft skills I’m looking for

  • Interest in building a long-term relationship.
  • Passion for productivity, future of work, work-life balance.
  • Skillful at helping thinking through, selecting, and improving ideas and story formats.
  • Ability to act as a writing coach, especially on book projects.

Questions for you

  1. Examples of your work.
  2. What interests you about this brief.
  3. Your rate.
  4. Anything else you think is relevant or would like to ask me.
That’s me.

Appendix: Examples of my writing



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