Who Controls the Owner of The Matrix?

  • Ray Kurzweil, the guy who believes we can copy our brains onto a hard disk before the end of this century and live forever (amongst a few other things), currently holds a very senior position at Google (Director of Engineering);
  • Speaking of Google; they’ve snapped up almost every major robotics and AI company on the planet over the past few years;
  • Not to be outdone by Google, the likes of Facebook, Amazon, Apple and major governments around the world are all pouring massive amounts of money into AI and robotics research as well.

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
- John Dalberg-Acton

  • How can we refrain from imposing accessibility limitations on these technologies based on arbitrary factors such as intelligence, nationality and so on?
  • How should choices related to instilling morals and ethics into an AI be made? Can those for example be overseen by an independent and multinational body representing the world’s population?
  • How can we ensure people’s privacy of thought****** and ownership of data generated through these upcoming products and services?
  • How can misuse by both governments and criminal organisations be avoided (if your brain is on a hard disk or at least directly connected to some super smart device, the NSA reading your emails and Facebook messages would be the least of your worries)?
  • How can those who own the companies controlling these technologies be overseen to not abuse the enormous power they will wield?



Content Marketing Manager at @animalzco. Cofounder at @getsaent.

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